Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So BeHiNd...NEVER Caught Up!

Yep...Can't seem to get caught up...

Also really wanting my photoshop back. Got a new computer and need Photoshop but lost it in the move! D**N...Yep...I meant it too!

ANGELO'S Paint Your Own...

SO MUCH FUN! I wanted to take the kids to paint a plate so then I could hang it in the kitchen. They had a blast. I did too. Loved watching them concentrate on their artwork! My good friend came with and luckily she did because...well yes she was a TON of help! And's just nice to hang with a friend.

Plates before...


The Finished Product...

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Yes I know that it is February and I am just now posting some of Christmas. Better late than never I always say. Anyways we were so blessed to have Ron (Beau's dad) come and spend Christmas with us. It was our first Christmas at our own house. SO nice and relaxing. Although I must say I did miss the chaos that comes with being with the whole family! LOVE YOU ALL!

Next BOTH Tucker and Tilly got to be in little Christmas performances! Tucker sang some wonderful Christmas music for all the parents in his preschool. Tilly was able to preform Suzy Snowflake in her dance recital. Such a blast to watch both of them. I know I should emphasize more on everything but I'm behind on all of this! All I can say is I am so proud of them!

We were so EXCITED to have our dear friends from Iowa come to visit us! It was a short stay but still so fun! I really miss all of the good friends that we left in Iowa. So if anyone wants to visit you are MORE than welcome! Katherine's little boy was just a tinsy babe when I last saw him in Iowa and then when they arrived he was so big...and SOOO SMILEY! Oh my heck I have never seen a baby smile so much. LOVED IT! Tucker and Tilly were so excited to see Henry and Maria. They made it clear to me that Tucker was going to marry Maria and Tilly would marry Henry. AND yes we love James (father/husband) hahahaha. No really we love them all and were so happy to see them and see that they were doing well.