Sunday, February 8, 2009

Say Hello to My Little FRIEND...

So after much, much, much thought we decided to get a dog. YES we did. And this time we get to keep him FOREVER! So we had to put a lot of thought into what type of dog. Main reason for that is because my kids are TERRIFIED of dogs! So we couldn't get a little yapper...and personally I can only handle so much of those. We needed a bit of a lazy dog. One that wouldn't go barking at the door every time someone came over. Sooooooooooo...we got an English Bulldog! AND HE IS ADORABLE! We named him Charlie. Yes I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name Charlie. We've had a few pets named Charlie and Tucker's teddy bear is named Charlie. So we or I REALLY like that name. Here are a few pics of Charlie.

Oh yes and if anyone has advice on potty training him...let me know A.S.A.P