Saturday, June 30, 2007


Well this morning Beau and I went and ran a 5K. WOW can you say HILLS! It was alot of fun we both feel like it was a good run. Beau placed 3rd in the mens division of 20-29. I place 2nd in the womens divisiono f 20-29. Some of our friends ran the race as well. Candice and Hyrum ran and there was Andrea and Rachelle who place 1st in the womens 20-29. Everyone did a great job I thought. I think in August we are going to try for a 10K. WOO HOO!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

D2 soon to be D3 members

So this is Beau's Dental class. At least the ones we attend church with. We had a little barbecue to celebrate that the 2nd year was over and only two or more if they choose to go. The kids had a blast making a huge mess of everything. I am going to have to say that in the picture of me and beau my nose is looking a little odd because of the shine or blur or something. Anyways..Brad and Miranda are there with their two kids. Brad is Beau's girlfriend. HEHE They are good friends. Kelly and Brett are some of my very close friends. Dave and Stacy were the hosts of the BBQ and greats at that. WONDERFUL couple w/ an adorable little boy who isn't pictured. Jared is in Beau's class. Him and Jessica don't have any kids and she is in School for and he of course is in Dental. And then there is Candice and Hyrum and their ADORABLE little boy Tommy. Good friends! So there you go. It was a fun time. I think I had like 8 plates of food. GEEZ what is wrong with me!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Softball in IOWA

So this is beau's softball game in good ol iowa. His games are always fun for the kids to go to. We love to cheer him on. Tilly usually stands by the fence in her daisy dukes doing her cheers for her special man. Tucker is screamin for beau to run and hit the ball hard. And i am usually talking about the daily hot topics w/ the ladies. We all take our blankets and chairs and have a good ol time. The little boy in orange is Tommy he is the son of Candice and Hyrum...some of our friends. And guess what.....THEY WON their game. So we had a little picture taken of the guys just so we could always remember this win. ALRIGHT TEAM!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Best Friends

This is my very dear and best friend here in Iowa. Just doing a little posing for the camera. yes, very cheesy I know but they are memories!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Crazy Storm Clouds 6/21/07

So this was outside my house this morning. I've never seen such a distinct line like that in the clouds. It went all the way across. It was really crazy to see that and then see the darkness behind it. Yeah this was at like 9:00 this morning. Iowa weather is CRAZY!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Family pictures

My Very dear and PRECIOUS Babies! They are my life. These are old pictures but I love them so they are on until I get new ones.


We love our little trips to the park. I think the kids could honestly spend all day there. They love to get out and run. They play really well together too. I'm really lucky to have had two fabulous little angels. I say that now but we all know how quickly they turn. haha Just kidding. Tucker especially loves for Tilly to ride the space ship with him. He likes to be in charge. I'll be honest though, little miss Tilly has got some serious attitude. She is extremely independent.

Tuckers Birthday

And he's off. That was his "most favorite" birthday present. his motorcycle big wheel it makes motorcycle sounds and plays music. Oh yeah it is all decked out. We were playing on it in the rain all day. Till of course was in her birthday celebration apparel. She is the cutest little thing. She definetley has her daddies legs, she will be athletic, i think. She likes to tackle and she is pretty agressive. Tucker has taught her well. What a princess. And of course me being a dork.

Tucker went ahead and prepared for his birthday the night before by getting into mom's nail polish. He was so scared that he had done something really wrong. He tried to clean up his mess (which was all over my bed as well) by using water on the sheets and himself. Beau and I couldn't help but laugh when we went up there and saw his masterpiece.

Nauvoo Trip


This is when we went to Nauvoo with my parents. Tilly was of course sleeping in the car. Tucker on the other hand couldn't wait to play w/ all of the little pioneer stuff. I thought it would be cute to dress him up like a little pioneer girl...and I was right. hahaha.
We took a little stroll on the oxen wagon and wow...all the excitement I think that was one of the exhilerating rides I had ever been on. No it was fun for the kids though.
Tucker loves every moment of alone time that he gets with his daddy. He loves to tackle him. Tucker has this little saying for beau, he likes to yell it out to him when he is walking into the school. This is what he says " Princess Wo-Cibus (he is trying to say Beaucifus) where are your pink panties" It's pretty hillarious!