Saturday, September 29, 2007

Go Tut-Ta GO!

So every Thursday we go to watch Tucker play soccer and it is AWESOME! It is Tucker's first sport that he has played and some days he loves it and others he couldn't care too much for it. It is so funny to watch him run after the ball because whenhe gets to the ball he falls to the ground like somehow the ball has thrown a suprise roundhouse and knocked him out. hahahaha...oh he totally makes the sound effects as well. Then, in the stands there is his devoted fan (Tilly) sitting on the bleachers swinging her little feet back and forth (sometimes)yelling "Go Tut-Ta GO!" who could ask for a better cheerleader.
If you look closely you can see that Tucker doesn't have a jersey on. I LOST IT! Yes I did. Ya know growing up I was always losing my softball jerseys and basketball and well all of my sports jerseys. I always thought when I got to be a mature adult I wouldn't have that problem. WRONG. I still have a hard time keeping track of them. I mean I shouldn't say it is lost, I know it is in the house somewhere....i just haven't figured out where is yet.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Attacked at the Apple Orchard

So I decided that it was about time I went to the Apple Orchard. I was sooo excited, I was going to get some McIntosh Apples and have a picnic...yeah lots of fun. Well, when we got there I went in to make sure I knew where I would be going with the kids in tow and the sweet old lady informed me that the apple I was wanting was all gone. Hmmm..real bummer. OH WeLL, I was still going to have a lot of fun so I pushed the kids in the stroller and took off w/ my friends Katherine. The MINUTE we got to the apples we were ATTACKED! Those dumb irriatating little black bugs were ALL OVER ME and the kids. They were biting too. LITTLE MONSTERS! So of course we headed back up to the cars, ate our picnic and took off. Such a sad experience w/ the Apple Orchard. Oh well whatcha gonna do.

So this is sweet little Tucker and Maria (Tucker calls her "Mee-ya") trying to find apples...but to no avail. sweet little sis all ready for the apple hunting (LITERALLY) to begin. Maybe next year.


Katherine and myself. We tried to get Tucker and Maria to work together to take a picture....yeah not a chance. So of course we took it ourselves.hahaha

Monday, September 24, 2007


Okay I promise this is the VERY last post about the Twilight series. But my friend Jessie put this image in my head. This is now who I picture as Jacob Black, because yes, he is EXTREMELY annoying to me. hahaha...thanks Jessie!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

MY Edward and Bella

Okay so you all know I am reading the Twilight series right now and I am obsessed. I don't know if I have already said this...PROBABLY BUT WHO CARES! So anyways, while I read books I usually like to put a face to the character in the this is who I picked for Edward and Bella. Tell me what you think.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bella Swan?

Okay there are a few things that I think are like me w/ Ms. Bella Swan, but I do too know what I want out of life. hahaha...

My Twilight Character

Which Twilight novel character are you?

You're Bella Swan - You are intelligent and kind but not quite sure what you want out of life yet. You have a feeling there's something more out there for you. You're attracted to those who are real and avoid the fake. Sometimes you're a bit accident prone, but your true friends will always be loyal to you and come to your aid when you need it.
Take this quiz!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another Favorite Movie!

Okay, Once again I listened to my sister (Rebecca this time) and went and rented this movie lastnight One Night With the King. VERY Clean and so good. At least I think it is good. I like the romance kind of movies but not too mushy. The cast was really well picked as well. I liked who played Esther and I really liked who played the king. hehehe. Anyways I recommend it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dairy Farm

My two precious babes. Yep enjoying their ice cream. I swear this was the smoothest soft serve I have ever had. LOVED IT! Of course I paid for it later. Yes, I am just a bit lactose intolerant, but that doesn't stop me. Anyways, we had so much fun at the Dairy Farm and Tucker was SOOOO excited to see the animals. Both Tucker and Tilly wanted to pet all the animals including the sheep that looked as though it was having a few unknown issues w/ open sores and hair loss. Anyways way fun. Thank you to those that planned it and invited us. I will post more pictures later when I figure out how to get them on my computer from my camera.
ALSO please scroll down and read about Twilight in case you are the one that owns this very much talked about book. Thanks!


SO! I am looking for someone that owns this book and has finished reading it. I want to borrow it. I have been hearing about this book nonstop from my sister Olivia. She swears that I won't be able to put it down. Now when it comes to reading I am very very picky. I am kind of a nerd and I read the fantasy books. I have read The Hobbit and the entire Lord of the Rings series and i have read the first and second Eragon books. So you see....I AM VERY PICKY! Anyways, she swears that I will LOVE LOVE LOVE this book so I am looking to borrow it because I don't want to buy it and then hate it. So if any of you are willing to lend it out please let me know. I am eager to find a new series that I will love. Thanks!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Digital Scrapbooking

Well hello all you lovely ladies and gents! Yes as you can see I DID IT! With the help of some lovely ladies. Thank you for your help. This is so fun for me. :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Blog Color

So yes I just want you all to know that this color is really ugly. I did this on purpose. My reason is that I need somebody to show me how to do a cute Template for my blog. You all have really cute ones but I am talking specifically to Heather O'Brien or Veronica Reeve I would say Cheree but she has already said that her friend did hers. So just so you lovely ladies know I want you to show me because I am a blog addict. AND I like to learn how to do new things. You know me I am always up for changing. Thanks Love ya.

Sunday, September 2, 2007


So we went to the Omaha Zoo. WOW Amazing. I have never been to a cooler zoo...and the gorillas were my favorite. I recommend it to anyone that is thinking about it.

Breath Savers

So it is a rule of mine to never go to church without some gum or a mint, ESPECIALLY on fast sunday. Whoa seriously. Well anyways growing up I would always laugh at people inchurch when their small kids would say something out loud and humiliate them. Well I guess it was pay back time for laughing at everyone else. So there I am in Sacrament reading Tucker the story of King Noah and Abinadi. I was really feeling like "yeah I got my 3 yr old way interested in this story". Then OUTLOUD Tucker pinches his nose and says Ewwww GROSS! At first I was like okay what just happened did I say something. Then he proceeds with " Yuck mom your breath stinks.". I was so embarassed I mean here we are in testimony meeting in the front row with some woman bearing her beautiful testimony and I am laughing because I am so embarrassed. Then Tucker sees me laughing so he thinks it is a funny thing and keeps saying it over and over. I was so embarrassed. I mean what do you do? Well, there is nothing you can do but pop a fresh piece of gum and chew really really well.
So I guess the moral of my story is to not laugh at your neighbor because it will come back to bite you in the butt BIG TIME!