Monday, February 25, 2008


I am so flippin bored out of my mind. I'm done with this weather. I just want to go outside and not have to deal w/ dirty wet snow or the cold. I'm sick of having to think of activities for inside because it is too cold or wet. I'm sick of sweaters and long sleeves. UGH!
Well the other day i totally gave up on trying to figure out what to do so I let the kids do whatever they wanted. (I was a bit tired as well so I was just veggin on the couch) The kiddios got out their stickers and had FUN! Oh yes there were giggles everywhere. The kids gave alot of thought as to where they should place each sticker. And in Tucker and Tilly's words..."beautiful momma". Well then it was my turn to put stickers all over be honest I really was having fun just goofing around with the kids. SO yeah...that's what we have been doing lately. I'm in desperate need of some beautiful weather and so are the kids.
P.S. We find out what we are having on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Valentine..

So here is one of my 3 special valentines. Oh how I love this man. Saturday night Beau took me out to Blackstone in Iowa City for dinner. It was soooo good. Best side salad I've ever had. Anyways we had friends watch the kids and it was just so fabulous and romantic. Love this man!
p.s. I have horrible heartburn right now and I am looking for a quick fix. So I google it. I read that if you have a tsp of vinegar it cures it instantly! Well, I did it. And it has...BUT if you do it be very prepared for your throat to be on fire for a bit! hahaha


Okay I want to do a different background that I don't get sick of. I want to do something simple but cute. I like simple. I am a simple person. And I want to do a picture of the fam in my title box. So info or help would be FAN-TABULOUS!
p.s. I am starting to feel much better...still a bit sluggish but okay.

Monday, February 18, 2008


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I AM SO STINKIN SICK! So Sunday morning Beau let me sleep in until 10:30 because I was so exhausted. Well, then when I got up I realized that I was more than just tired. I have the flu. HORRIBLE. I mean if I don't eat a little I get sick because I'm prego but if I do...well you know it just comes back to haunt me. WHAT DO I DO? My body hurts, my head hurts and I am trying to get my kids to understand that I am sick so to just entertain themselves today. Yeah right like they will get it...they're 3 and 2. Anyways Beau took me out this weekend for Valentines Day. I will post more about that at another time. OKay well I am off to lay down.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Winter Days and Valentines...

Loooooong POST.

So even though we have been homebound the past couple of days due to it being too dang cold outside we have had fun! We actually braved it for the first time a couple of days ago and went outside to play. We DO NOT have the proper winter attire so it was very thrown together. No Matter though we had a blast. The kids went sledding and had snow candy and then after about 20 minutes they were ready to come in. We decided to thaw out by treating ourselves to a nice toasty glass of Stephens Hot Cocoa. LOVE IT!
I was mistaken we have actually taken few trips to the library. The kids love it there. I love how they make it so kid friendly ya know. Anyways since paying our $20 late fee because of a dumb movie ( DON"T RENT FROM A LIBRARY) we have been able to check out books galore. The other we checked out 17 books! We've already been through them several times. Tucker LOVES LOVES LOVES to read to Tilly. Alot of times the kid just memorizes the story...I'm tellin you he is a GENIUS!
The other day Beau's dad came in for a real quick visit. Tucker differentiates his grandpa's by their hair color. Beau's dad is the "White Papa" and my dad is the "Black Papa". So the "WHite Papa" came to visit and let me tell you that was the most exciting thing for those two. They love their Grandmas and Papa's. I don't know though maybe it had something to do with the fact that they got a bit spoiled when he came. Who knows...doesn't really matter though. We just love them and are so happy he came to visit!
Well that about sums up our life as of late. For Valentines Day the kids and I sat around and made Valentines. OH YES and we ate WAY TOO MUCH CANDY!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008



What a beautiful little girl. Sarah was born February 8th. She was 7lbs. 7oz. 19 1/2 inches. I can't wait until I can actually hold her. It is so hard living so far away from family especially when I'm missing out on such wonderful events.

Libby and Brant Congratulations! Miss you guys! Maybe I can get another picture of her just kind of chillin and not doing the usual Jarrett routine. kidding.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


So there I am sitting on my couch watching a program on sharks(I like Discovery)not noticing that my husband is digging around in my secret hiding place. Hiding place for what? Well it is my hiding place for clothes that I have bought and not told him about. HAHAHAHA. I know NAUGHTY! All of the sudden I hear the crinkling of a sack. My stomach drops...."Sarah...what is this?". This is how I looked when he pulled this out!

I mean come on...I was going to tell him about...just not right away! Sometimes I need to ease him into accepting my purchases. Anyways, I smiled and said "Oh yeah (like it was no biggie) I got those a week ago. I think I might return them.". He just sat there and smiled at me knowing that I was completely full of crap. HAHAHA...I'm going to have to say I was EMBARRASSED! I mean I know I shouldn't keep things from my husband....AND I DON'T..but when it comes to little purchases on clothes or shoes...well then SOMETIMES I am naughty and I don't tell him. I know probably something I need to work on. AND I WILL. From this day forward I will always show him every purchase I have made...big or small. So enough blabbing I'm done.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Awesome Music...

So I just discovered this guy lastnight while watching Catch and Release. Love that movie by the way. His name is Joshua Radin. I love the music. New favorite of mine.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


So I just watched this older Cold Case show and it was all I needed to make this decision. There are so many dang sickos out there that literally search the website for pictures of kids and what not. So not okay with that. So if you want an invite than I need your email. I think I will set it to private on Friday so let me know...even if you just look bt don't comment still let me know your email and I will send an invite.

Mmmmmm Brunch...

So today we braved the wonderful roads and wnet to a Brunch/Shower for Stacey. I am so glad I went it was so much fun. I was able to see so many people that I don't really get to see that much anymore. I mean not to mention it was nice to see Stacy and visit w/ her before she has baby #2. I am so excited for her, she is going to have fun w/ two little boys. So sorry in advance for so many pics but I still haven't figured out my STUPID Photoshop CS2. I wish I would have just bought the more basic one...okay totally off the subject.
Okay this picture is dumb I know but I had to take a picture because with this pregnancy I've been into fresh fruit....okay and whoppers but still. Loved the fresh fruit. Oh yes and please TRY to ignore the shine coming from my face. SHINE CITY..WOW so embarrassing.

Here is the lovely hostess Kelly. Thanks Kelly for having it at your house.

Here is the beautiful momma to be AGAIN...Stacey.

So the following are pictures of the awesome girls that came and brought their amazing dishes for everyone to enjoy.

Okay this next picture Ijust thought would be fun. So there is me and I'm 15 wks. Then Candice is ummm...well she has 49 days left..I'm not good at math. And then Stacey who will be induced on Friday...

And then I took the kiddos so that Beau could study. All I have to say is that I am so lucky to have two kids that love to play together and are so well behaved. LOVE EM!