Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oh the THINGS we've been doing...

Oh my so many things that we have been up to. So many things and we haven't posted. So we will just do a quick little catch up post with picture overload.

Making ALOT of monster cookies. Lately they have been our families favorite!

Spending ALOT of time in timeout. The kids have decided that it isn't really important to listen to me. So they get to spend alot of time on the couch (afraid of charlie).

Making Pizza from SCRATCH..yep that is an accomplishment for us. The kids loved having their own pizzas. I made this Pear and Gorgonzola pizza with tossed greens on top. DEEEEEEEEELICIOUS! One of my favs.

Going to Girls Night on Monday night to watch the Bachelor (BARF) and The City. Yes I am admitting to watching that show. I would like everyone to see how intense these girls were while watching the final rose ceremony. Yes this was SERIOUS...i got yelled at a few times for voicing my dislike for that little weiner ....I can't even remember his name because I disliked him so much from the get go.

AND finally...we have been giving ourselves HAIRCUTS! YAY!! Not really. So I tried to cut Tucker's hair..ya know save a few pennies. Not a good idea...I ended up buzzing his head. Then I guess Tilly decided that she needed a trim. Well, she found herself a pair of scissors (we will not mention the grown mans name whose fault it is for leaving scissors out in the first place. I promised that I would not get upset with him so yeah...whatev). Tucker came downstairs and let Beau know that Tilly was doing naughty things. So he goes upstairs and sees our little princess trying to hack off her ponytail that is on TOP of her head. AHHHH...I was sooo sad. I love love love love Tilly's hair. I love doing Tilly's hair. It's okay though I think we can work with it. During this whole hair cutting week Tucker has been talking about how "the crazy clippers" got out of control and cut off his hair so now he looks like Adam. (our neighbor). Well after seeing what Tilly did Tucker was sure to let her know that now Tilly looks like him and Adam. Niiiiice.
Our dear neighbor Adam did inform me though that he is the epitamy of COOL. So I just thought I would post a picture of him so that everyone would know what my kids are striving for. WE LOVE YOU ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
p.s. I am not posting a picture of Tilly until after we get her hair fixed. So sorry..haha But there is a picture of all the hair she cut off. And a picture of Tucker with his new do.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Charlie the chicken and the little ballerina...

Today I was upstairs folding clothes while Tilly and Tucker had friends over. Well since they had their friends over I had to put the gate up so that Charlie wouldn't bother their friends. Well, little miss Tilly did not like that. She thought that CHarlie was sad and needed some attention from her. So to she started calling to him so that he would come to her. Here's how it went down.
Tilly: Chaaaaalie (Charlie without the R)
Me: Honey I think he is just tired.
Tilly: Chaaaaaaaaalie! Chalie come here boy.
Me: Till seriously just go play he is sleeping.
Tilly: He's so sad. Here I call him k.
Tilly: Bock bock...bock bock booooooock bock bock boooooooock. ( chicken sounds)
Me: (laughing silently)
Tilly: Oh where's my good boy...where is he
Me: Okay Till go play...he's just tired.
Tilly: Bock Bock...okay Chalie

Just had to post that so it wasn't forgotten.
Little miss has been in dance for the last little while and is LOVING IT! She is just the cutest thing to watch. And she is a very good student. At home she is constantly practicing her "heel Smash" move from tap. Here are a few pics of our ballerina.