Sunday, May 24, 2009

Love and Marriage...

Yes it was our anniversary on May 8th. That just goes to show how behind I am. SAD I know. Anyways, it was a wonderful anniversay. My lovely husband took the day off so that we could celebrate. That in and of itself was all I needed. If that is all it would have been I would have been happy. Just to have Beau home with us was a pleasant suprise. But we did end up going out. We went to a movie and then to dinner at my FAVORITE place. Shorts Burger and Shine. AMAZING!!! It was just fun...I loved it.
I just wanted to say how thankful I am to have Beau. I know I have said this before but he really is my best friend. I wouldn't have wanted to go through these 6 years with anyone else and I look forward to the many many more we will have together. So here are 6 things that I love about Beau.
* I love your optimism. You are always looking on the brightside. I won't lie there are times when I don't want to hear it. MOST of the time though I LOVE IT!
* I love that you are a clean freak. I love it. I would hate to live with a slob.
* I love you determination to be the best father, husband, dentist, brother and son that you can be. You are always trying to be better. What an example you are to me.
* I love how you and I can sit and laugh about the stupidest things until we are crying. Those are such fun and special memories.
* I love that you are my strength. When life is too hard you are there. You are there to hold me and help me through it. You are so very patient. I pray that I am the same for you.
* I love that right now I am watching you laugh hysterically because you are trying to see how far you can pull Charlie's tongue out while he sleeps. You are full of joy and love for life.
Below are a few pics from our Anniversary.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

February to MAY...whew...

FROLIC or should I say PROM! This is Beau and I before we went out to Frolic. It was some kind of celebration for the D4 students since they are done this year. Yes so fun getting to go out but then when we got there....well it was just like prom but everyone was older. I was never a real fan of prom. But hey I will take any oppurtunity I can to spend some time with Beau.

SO Happy Easter! Yep super late! It was fabulous! We had a wonderful time dying eggs together...and of course we spilled the dye..but it is to be expected. Tucker and Tilly LOVE dying the eggs. They even put beautiful stickers on them. Both of them wanted to take an egg to bed with them...I think they wanted to do that last year as well. And no I didn't let them do that. For Easter dinner we spent it over at the Hunter's house and some of our friends were there as well. Good times. Charlie was enjoying the easter spirit as well.

More updates to come. I am really behind.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sooooo BEHIND....

Okay I am way way way behind with blogging. I am going to do quite a large post of pictures real soon. I am motivated to get going again.