Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Spirit oooof the.....

RIght now I am listening to the kids up in their room. HILLARIOUS!

Tilly: I'm spirit oooof the....Slimy guy
Tucker: I'm spirit of the dinosaur

Tucker: Ching ching ching (sword sounds?)
Tilly: Tucka...I'm being...I'm being...
TIlly: Oh Tucka this is my book. This is my favorite color of book. I colored it.
Tucker: Oooooh Tilly if you like these things then you will win something. (What???)

Seriously if you are looking for entertainment just sit and listen to your kids talk to eachother. Too FUNNY!

Now Tucker is reading to her. LOVE IT! They are hillarious!

Thought I would post some pics of my mom's visit. The kids were soooo happy when she came out. We love you Grannie!