Sunday, April 27, 2008

A boy of many talents...

Oh goodness! Beau has a four day weekend so we went to Omaha on Friday and came home late Sat. and I am just now getting to posting about Tuck again.
My little Tucker has so many neat little talents but one of my favorites is his ability to memorize songs he likes or books. Now if you asked Beau what his favorite talent was that he thinks Tucker has it would be how he can swing a bat. I must say I am pretty proud of that as well....he gets it from his momma. hehe.
So I've had The Fray playing in the car for a while now and I really like song #2. It was the theme song to Grey's Anatomy for a while there. I can't remember the name of it but that's not the point. The point is that Tucker ALWAYS has me play that song over and over and over. One day while driving home from dropping Beau off at school last week he said "Mom, will you turn my favorite song on...the one that says how to save a life.". I was pretty amazed he knew that line but what was even more amazing is when I turned it to the little man sang right along with it...EVERY WORD! Seriously amazing. Tucker has always loved to listen to music. He really likes slower songs like The Fray "How to Save a Life". One of Tucker's other favorite songs is by Andrea Bocelli (I don't know if I spelled that right). He is an opera singer and I love to listen to Opera so I have a CD of him. Tucker has a favorite song on that as well. He usually likes to listen to it when he is tired. Now the song is in some other language but Tucker will do his best to sing the words (the way they sound to him). I love to watch him sing, he is in his own little world while he is doing it and he looks so at ease and calm. Tucker has liked music since he was a tiny little guy though. He started dancing to it at a really young age....granted it was more of a head bobbing thing but he was feeling the beat. OHHHHHHHH so many memories....I wish I could write all of them down but I need to pace myself. Anyways, like I said my favorite of MANY talents that my son has. I know I'm bragging but I can...he's my boy.
Now, I do realize that my pictures I post do not really go along with the memories. In fact most of them don't at all but I am doing the best I can. HAHA

I believe this picture was of Tucker at his 3rd birthday. We were able to celebrate with family that lived here in Iowa at the time. Fun Times for my little man.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Tucker. This is how I still think of my little guy. Just my cute little blonde bug.

And of course this is the classic Tucker smile! What a happy little boy. He loves to get his picture taken and then look at it right after. He cracks me up!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My little buddy...

When Tucker was born right away I started taking naps and to this day I have not stopped. Yep LAAAAAAAZZZZZY! The thing is that I started taking them with my little man and still do. I love my memories of falling asleep in the rocking chair with Tucker and waking up with him. Or falling asleep in bed and waking up with two big eyeballs staring right into my face. No...not Beau's...they were Tucker's. hehe.

When we moved here to Iowa Tucker had to start sleeping in a big boy bed. For the first few months it was okay because I would lay with him until he fell asleep. Sometimes it would take 2 hrs for him to fall asleep. I don't know about all of you but I need my alone time at night. So I started trying to leave before he was asleep. What an ordeal. The poor little guy wouldn't stay in bed and he was always crying. Both Beau and I didn't have a clue as to what we were supposed to do. We needed Tucker to get into the habit of going to bed alone. SO oneday I spoke with some neighbors and they gave me a few ideas. One of the ideas I tried was putting a night light in the room and shutting the door and just sitting there until he went to sleep. Well that is what I did and it BROKE my heart! I hated it. He would cry and stick his hand under the door. I HATED HATED HATED HATED HATED IT! One night he fell asleep with his hand underneath the door...and I know I'm smiling in the picture but it broke my heart to see it. Finally after a week he got used to it and would just fall asleep in bed. NOW...he stays up until about 12 every night just reading or exploring in mom and dads room and sometimes getting into things he shouldn't. Oh yes and he has to have ALLL of the lights on upstairs. He is alot like me in that way. I can't go to sleep alone in the dark. If Beau isn't with me then I make Tucker and Tilly sleep with me and if they are already asleep and I'm at my mom's then I make my mom sleep with me. So I totally understand Tucker's fear of the dark.

There is a not so fabulous memory that I have that didn't happen that long ago actually. I believe it was around 2 in the morning and Beau and I woke up to a terrifying scream. It wasn't just one was over and over and over. I ran into his room and foud him sitting in bed with his eyes as big as ever and a terrified look on his face. He was so afraid of something and I couldn't do anything. I went up to him and of course like any parent I tried to make him see that it was me. He just sat there crying and screaming...and did I mention shaking like a leaf. I took him in my arms and ran downstairs with him turning all the lights on. I was sitting on the couch trying to calm him down and Beau started to walk down the stairs. Tucker saw this and his eyes got big again and he was hysterical! His grip on my arms was tighter than it has ever been and his little skinny body was shaking so much. The closer Beau got the louder and more hysterical he got. Obviously my son was having a Night Terror. Beau tried to give him a blessing to calm him. My poor little baby I was on the verge of tears because he was in such terrified state and I couldn't help. All of the sudden a thought or a prompting came to me to sing "I Am A Child of God". Beau and I sing that song and "I Have a Family Here on Earth" to the kids every night. I thought how silly but I did it anyway. The moment I started to sing the song Tucker stopped crying. His eyes were still on Beau but he started to calm down. He stopped shaking and started to go back to sleep. We finally after about a half hour got him to sleep again. He woke up two more times that night crying but the moment we started to sing he went back to sleep. I sure do love this little guy! He is so precious to me and Beau.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Beau's first memories of Tuck...

For this entry I thought it would be a fun thing to have Beau list all his first memories of Tucker for me. So here are a few.

The very first memory Beau has of Tucker is when he found out I was pregnant with the little guy. Beau was excited but very scared at the same time. He felt the pressures of having a child and needing to provide for him and his wife while working a parttime job and applyig for dental school. He was thinking about the responsibilities that were now on his shoulders.
About a week or two before Tucker was ever born Beau set up the car seat in our car and would drive around with it. One morning he had the early shift at the Dentists office that he worked at. He said that he remembers driving to work just thinking about his little boy and the excitement and joy he was feeling about his pending arrival. He stopped the car in front of the office and pondered about his future son and started to cry. He started to think about Tucker and about his life and becoming a strong and faithful missionary.

Another one of his first memories was bringing Tucker and mommy home from the hospital. All I can say is WHAT A NIGHTMARE! haha. Beau was so nervous to be driving with a brand new baby in the car that he took the wrong on ramp and then the wrong exit to get home. Normally, that would be okay but since I was hurting so bad from the dang epesiotomy it was a nightmare.
The first night home with Tucker was a breeze. Then there was the second night. Beau was frustrated because his poor pathetic wife was sitting there bawling at 2 or 3 in the morning because she thought that her new baby didn't like her because he wouldn't stop screaming. We tried for HOURS to get him to calm down but he was so upset that we both became extremely upset. Luckily the mother in law (Anna Olsen) was there and she came upstairs and took the little guy until he fell asleep. THANK YOU!
One memory that brought a big smile to Beau's face was when he remembered when Tucker started laughing. What a contagious laugh he had. It wasn't a normal baby was a full on giggle. Tucker laughed and still does at everything. This is one happy little boy. Whenever Beau would come home from work/school one of the first things he would do is make Tucker laugh. Tucker would laugh so hard he would turn bright red in the face. For such a little guy it was the funniest thing to watch.

This was one of Beau's favorite outfits to put him in when he was younger. He looked like a little Newsie.

Those are just a few of the memories Beau has of Tucker at the very begining.

p.s. I know that this is really choppy and horrible grammar but I'm not an English fact I've always hated English.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Tucker Isaiah Ross...

So I am going to do a little "project" if you will. I have decided for each day of this week I am going to TRY to post a story or memory of Tucker growing up. So this week is going to be dedicated to my little man. Then next week will be Tilly and then Beau and...uhhh that's it.

My little man was conceived 3 months after Beau and I had been married. I was ECSTATIC! Beau...well very happy but nervous as heck. Being pregnant with Tucker was such a fun new experience for me and Beau. I will admit I was EXTREMELY emotional while carrying him. I didn't really get grouchy...more like I cried ALLLLLL the time about anything and everything...even made up scenarios! I was very fearful for some reason. Not of having a baby...but of raising a baby in this world. I would have dreams that I had a shield and a sword and my baby was behind me and I had to protect him from all the evil things out in the seemed like the evil monsters or people were always fighting me harder and harder to get to my baby. I know this sounds soooooooo crazy. But they are my memories that I want Tucker to have someday. I had that dream soooooo many times. So anyways, my pregnancy with Tucker was a new and fun experience!

On June 1st I went to a doctors appointment and he told me I probably wouldn't deliver for another week. I was sooo bummed I wanted to see my little guy. Well, to my suprise on June 2nd at 2:30 in the morning I woke up w/ cramps. I felt like I had diahreha. So of course I went to the bathroom and then back to bed. Maybe a half hour later I woke up again with the same thing. Went to the bathroom and well not to be gross there was blood. haha. So of course I had no idea what that was from so it kind of freaked me out. I cleaned up and went back to bed. I noticed as I was laying there that all the sudden the cramps or contractions started coming faster. I layed there wondering what to do for the first little while and somehow I was able to kind of sleep through it until 5:30. I woke up not able to handle it anymore and tried to wake Beau. "Beau......... Beau......... BEAU!" uhhh yeah my husband didn't move but just responded w/ "huh?" NIIICE! Finally he woke up and we started timing and at 7:30 we went to the hospital. I pushed 3 times and that slippery little guy came right on out. He was so tiny and precious. Tucker was nothing but a bag of bones. He was so skinny. I remember his BIG eyes (obviously inherited from his father). Tucker was 6lbs 15 oz and 20 1/2 inches long. He had an adorable little cry.
I couldn't sleep really while I was in the hospital because I wanted to hold him the entire time. I hated it when the nurses would come to take him away. I remember I would get so anxious when the nurses would take him and then not bring him back when I would ask them to. Seriously i was always pushing the button telling them to bring him to me. Yes I was always worried somebody was trying to steal my baby because he was the cutest ever. And then I saw the pictures from the hospital....hmmm...all I can say is that he was ADORABLE to me and Beau and that is what counts.
So sorry if that was lengthy but I thought I would make the first post about Tucker's entry into this world.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Now this is talent...

Hearing talent like this and a voice like this brings tears to my eyes. It really is so beautiful. I LOVE IT! Just thought I'd share if you haven't heard it already.

Friday, April 11, 2008

This... That...and the Other...

So we haven't really been up to much lately. Playing outside whenever it is nice enough. Visiting the library ALOOOT! Checking out movies for our rainy days inside...spending money we don't have. So fun!

So we checked out this movie Dinosaur from the Library and Tucker can't seem to get enough of it. HE LOVES the dinosaurs, every time he watches it he acts like it is the first time he has seen it. When T-Rex comes on he covers his eyes until that part is over. I think he is starting to toughin up a bit though because now he will watch it w/ a really scared look on his face.

Tilly got a new pair of Crocs and I LOVE THEM. They are so freakin cute! I wanted to get some brown ones for her BUT she had a meltdown because she wanted the pink "cotton candy" ones. I was a little bummed at first but then I realized that it doesn't really matter. Let the little princess have whatever color she wants..ya know.

Beau is busy busy as usual but like always still has plenty of time and energy to tackle with Tucker and Tilly. Lastnight he was tackling w/ them and Tilly had put a towel over his head so he couldn't see. So I'm sitting there on the couch watching this and then I see Tucker come running from the other side of the room with his fist out like Superman. In my head I'm thinking that my son is going to stop before allowing his fist to meet Beau's face. Uhhhh yeah not happening! It was soooo funny...Beau just sat there unsuspecting with a towel over his head and Tucker totally socks him right in the eye. OH HOW I WISH I had a camera. Too funny! I love and am lucky to have such a devoted husband and father!

Lastly I am now 6 months...actually I am 25 weeks but still pretty much 6 months. And man am I starting to feel it...and look it. BUT ya know I am so excited to meet Ezra Cotton Ross that I couldn't careless. Okay well maybe I don't care most of the time...there are times when I see my never ending changing body and it's hard..but oh well huh. Just so you all know Beau and I always name our kids way before they come out. Just something we have always done. I think it makes it so much more real to us. I am also craving (once again) SMORES! I looooooove them. So delicious...I usually have one...or two everyday. But I figure I can..I'm pregnant. hahaha. So that's about it...that's all that this little fam has been up to!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Tilly has some pretty amazing hair. She has these tight little ringlets and when I brush them out because I don't have enough time to pick through the snaggles she becomes.........FLUFFY the Fluffmeister. Tucker came up with that. Everytime I take her hair out at night or I brush her hair Tucker says "Mom guess who came out to's Fluffy the Fluffmeister." He then proceeds to laugh hysterically. Meanwhile Sissy thinks it's pretty funny too although I don't know if she really gets that we are all laughing at her amazing hair.

Since it is FINALLY starting to feel like spring we have been having a great time getting all of our wiggles out by going outside. WE LOVE to be outside. I especially love that the kids can run and have fun and then by the end of the day they are ready for bed. LOVE IT! So Beau went and got Tucker the Better Batter Baseball toy and they love to play it together. Honestly it is one of the cutest things to watch Tucker hit the ball and then run around the makeshift bases that Beau has set up. Tilly is Tucker's ever so loyal cheerleader. She will sit on the sidelines and cheer her favorite little guy on. When she isn't cheering she is trying to ride a bike or climbing on top of things that she shouldn't or she is just off in her own little world.

And Finally we are looking into buying a Hot Rod! Yes that is right we are going to purchase a minivan. I am ecstatic! Honestly I can't wait to have more space. One thing is for sure though...once that minivan is purchased there will be no more getting into the car with sweats on or no makeup. (Igot some tips from a sweet sister in law that drives one of the hot rods herself) I have got to look my best when driving that mothership around.
So quick story that I think is funny. We were looking at this minivan the other day and it had power doors and a power hatch. So I went and looked at the car and then went and sat w/ the kids while Beau looked. I could see Beau the entire time he was looking at the car because we were parked right in front of the dealership. And all dealerships are the same. HUGE glass windows all around so they can go and prey on some poor couple has just pulled up. So I'm sitting in the car w/ the kids and then I realize I have the keys with all the buttons to open and close the doors. So Tucker and I started closing the side doors to the minivan everytime Beau went to get in to look. At first he thought it was funny....but then he started to give me "the look". So then he moves to the back of the car and I open the hatch was so funny he just stood there and stared at the minivan. I guess he was trying to show me I wasn't funny. Tucker and Tilly sure thought I was. Well then I thought I'd try out the panic button. HAHAHAHAHAHA....The minivan's lights start going bezerk and it starts honking like crazy. Beau gives me this ticked off look because he is HUMILIATED! I was busting up! Well, then the car dealer comes out to tell us we can take it for a drive so we all get situated...and the car won't start...yep that's right I wore out the batteries by playing w/ the doors. Beau looks over at me and says "You are such a dork". Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the joys of looking for a minivan.
So I know this story is probably one of those "HAD TO BE THERE" stories but i loved it.