Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ice and can't beat that.

I bribed Tilly to sing her famous Frosty the Snowman song that she sings ALL DAY LONG. I love it though.

Here is the little man do an EXCELLENT version of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

What can I say the kids got talent. So here are a few pictures of the ice storm that we had for a week. I am just now able to post them so I hope you all enjoy!

Monday, December 17, 2007


OKay to hear that song you need to copy and paste the address and then a page should come up with the song playing on it!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I'm Proud of our Men and Women in the Armed Forces!

So my sister sent this song to me to listen to....WOW talk about a TEAR JERKER! Seriously I was crying! Beau sat and listened to it and i swear I saw some tears welling up in those big beautiful eyes. It just broke my heart to hear this song. I mean I know it is just a song BUT you know somewhere there is a boy or a girl that is just praying for the safe return of his/her mom or dad. Especially at Christmas time. I know that while I was listening to it I remembered how I felt when we had to say goodbye to my dad when he left for Iraq. I was DEVASTATED! I wrote in a journal almost everyday that he was gone begging Heavenly Father to bring him back to us. I remember that I promised over and over that I would NEVER EVER sin again and I would be so perfect if he could just come back. Well, I guess I am perfect because he came back. but seriously it was a hard time and my heart just breaks for those families that are not together right now.
How lucky are we though to have such brave men and women out there putting their lives on the line for US, the American People. I get so mad when people are negative about our men and women over there. They are over there for each and every one of us. They are there because they believe in our Nation and in Freedom. My little brother may go over one day and I sure as heck am proud of him. And I just wanted him to know that.
WHEW! Okay so sorry I went off there but when I listened to that song it just brought up a TON of emotions and stuff. Well you all need to listen to the song so click on the link and listen!



Here is the link to click on and listen to this song. Seriously you need a tissue!

Friday, December 14, 2007

3 months and already in the shop...

Well as most of you have noticed I haven't done a decent post in a while. Go ahead and ask..."What's the reason Sarah?" well I will tell you. My computer broke already and I have only had it for 3 months. So yes it is in the shops and I can't figure out how to post pictures on Beau's "OH SO FANCY SHMANCY MAC." Give me a break if these things were so fan-tabulous don't you think it would be easier to figure out? Uh yeah. anyways I will be posting in a while so don't give up on me. hahahaha...have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Queen of Hair color...

So I was just browsing through my blog and I realized something...I am the QUEEN of coloring hair. I think I saw maybe 4 different colors going on there. Yeah, I am being so serious! I am surprised it is just now hitting me that I like to change it up so much! BUT ya know at least I won't look back when i am old and decrepit(s/p) and think..hmmm...I should have been more daring. So all I can say to all of you who think I have a problem w/ changing my hair so much (family hehe) I really don't care. You know you all want to do it. Admit it...I am brave and you are not. HAHAHA..only kidding. I know I am teased because they love me. Anyways, pointless blog but like I said this is kind of a journal for me.