Monday, January 26, 2009

The Liahona...

Just a quick post here. I wanted to write it down before it is forgotten. So I have been really trying my hardest to read the kids the scriptures in the morning. It is not an easy task but once we are reading I just feel such peace. I really want the kids to have a love for the gospel. I know growing up my mom would get us up at 6:30 to read scriptures and I honestly feel that seeing her love for them and devotion to teaching them to us is what enstilled such a love for the gospel in me. Sorry if that was a run on sentence. Anyways, here is how a conversation went with Tucker a few days ago.
T: Mom where is the Liahona?
M: mmmmm...well ya know that is a good question for daddy. Let's see if he knows.
(obviously I am not a genius with gospel or scripture stuff but I am trying)
T: Hey mom, why doesn't the Liahona work for bad guys.
M: Because...they don't follow the commandments of god
T: what are the commandments?
M: Uhhh...that is something we are going to read about later. But they are kind of like rules. ( I'm sweating bullets because like I said before I'm not the best and I'm afraid that the conversation is going to get deeper if the questions keep coming)
T: So the Liahona only works for the good guys.........(thinking)........Well, since I have been good do you think Heavenly Father will give me the Liahona?
M: No but it would be way cool if he did.
T: Why won't he.
M: Because there is no need for it right now.
T: Why?
M: Because...are you ready for lunch?
T: Mom, I love the scriptures. They are my favorite.
M: Tucker that makes me sooo happy.

That conversation right there gave even more determination to read to them...not only for them I've realized but because I need it (REALLY BAD). I just love the feeling that comes with reading the scriptures. I feel such a peace inside throughout the remainder of the day. So yeah...just a little post there.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

So I haven't posted for a while. Sorry about that. Trying to figure out the new normalcy here I guess. We had a friend take some fun pictures for our Christmas cards so I thought I would post some. Okay I'm posting alot of them. The ones of Tucker and Tilly are so precious! They totally show how they are with eachother. Just such amazing bestfriends. Thank you so much for taking them.
Christmas with the family was nice this year. Hopefully I will get around to posting pictures. We were able to spend christmas with the Ross side this year and it was really very nice. Always nice to be with family. While we were there my brother was deployed to Iraq so we were able to see him off. Beau had to come home for school and the kids and I stayed an extra 2 weeks with my family. I'm so thankful I was able to see the sisters! Love em! So that is pretty much it. I know real quick maybe I will do more later. And hopefully post pictures.