Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ohhhh Sissy...

Instead of writing more stories about Tilly I am going to post some fun facts about her that we LOOVE and just really describe this little Angel. Once again the pictures don't really go with the fun facts but I wanted pictures. I also know this is all random and doesn't really tie together but it isn't meant to be perfect. It is just meant for memories.
- This girl is ALWAYS smiling. Tilly was just sick with a high fever a couple of days ago and that didn't stop her from smiling. This is one happy little girl.
- Tilly is a very good little eater...as long as it is what she likes. She loves cold cereal (Cookie Crisp, Barbie cereal etc...), chicken nuggets, french fries, cake, apples and peanut butter, cheese crackers (Cheez-it), bananas, applesauce and her daddy's homemade Banana Pancakes. Those are just some of her favs. If only I could get her to eat veggies more.

- Tilly loves Cinderella. She loves to dress up in her "Cinderella cloths", and have me put makeup on her like Cinderella. I mean this is one true little princess here. She now has special Cinderella bedding that she loves. She likes to show everyone that comes over her Cinderella bed.
- Tilly is a momma's girl. I love that, I won't lie. It makes me feel good when she wants me to sleep with her (I don't actually sleep with her. I sing songs) or stay with me instead of going with Daddy and Tucker. It makes me feel special. I pray that we will always be that way.

- What a great sister Tilly is to her brother Tucker. Always willing to play superheroes with a twist of playing house at the same time. Always there to defend Tucker if he is getting a bit of diciplining. What can I say the girl loves her brother.

- One day Tilly will be on American Idol. HAHA..okay I doubt it will be around at that time...but Tilly loves to sing. Sometimes she will just sit on the stairs singing "We are the champions...of the world (imagine that last part really high pitched.)"
- Tilly is a little Ham. She loves the camera. She can put on the best smile and pose. Tilly also loves the attention she gets from my good friend Kelly's husband Brett and Brad (Beau's friend). She won't leave them alone when they are around. She gets right in their faces and smiles and pokes and giggles. I am going to have my hands full when she gets older. hehe

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Daddy's Little Girl...

I am soooo behind w/ posting. I feel HORRIBLE. Poor little Sissy. It just seems like life got busy all of the sudden. It really didn't, but it feels that way. Anyways, I wanted this post of Tilly to be from Beau's memories. I will try to put pictures to go along with the memories.
Some of Beau's first memories of Tilly are when we found out that we were pregnant again. Beau, was sooo happy. Right away he was hoping for a little girl. A daddy's girl. Well, Beau got what he wanted that's for sure. The night of her arrival Beau remembers how hard it was for me to push her out in contrast with how it was with Tucker. To Beau all that went to show was that it was an early sign of how stubborn and independent she was going to be. Things were going to be done on her terms. When Tilly came out all Beau could think of was how beautiful his little girl was.
Beau, was able to stay the night with me in the hospital after she was born and all he remembers is crying. Not from me. All the crying was coming from Tilly. He said that he remembers that she never stopped. Yes, we were so lucky to have such a helpful nurse right after my delivery that kept on bringing Tilly into the room insisting that I feed her. REAL HELPFUL!

One of the days that Beau was with me at the hospital Dr. Hunter and Lorene were there visiting and Beau was trying to change Tilly's diaper. Beau remembers really not knowing what he was doing and then Dr. Hunter asking him "do you even know what you are doing?" and then Lorene saying "At least he is trying to help. That is more than you ever did." . TOO FUNNY!
Another fabulous memory of Beau's was the first night home Tilly was in her bassinet and HOLY COW she was farting up a storm. These weren't tiny baby toots. These sounded like they came from a grown man. All we could do was laugh at all the grunting and farting that this little angel produced.

When Tilly was 3 months old both Beau and I decided to get her ears pierced. Beau was more hesitant than I was because he felt as though we were taking a tiny piece of innocene away from her by having it done. When we were at the mall getting it done we were thrown so many dirty looks and people looking at us like we were the cruelest parents. Obviously not a very fun memory of Beau's.

The older Tilly has gotten the funnier her bed head has gotten. Beau, thinks that she has the most amazing bed head in the world. She has such crazy hair in the morning all you can do is laugh. Although, she is getting to the point where she does not like it if you are laughing at her hair. Beau loves to wake Tilly up in the mornings or from naps because she will always wake up with a smile and greet you like she hasn't seen you in a week.

Tilly's first song that she could sing was the Batman theme song. She loves her dolls and frills but she also loves her TMNT, Spiderman, Superman and Batman. Hence the reason why she chose to be Batgirl for Halloween.
It's hard for Beau to get after Tilly because he says that she gets the same "dramatic" sad face that I get when I am sad. (WHATEVER doesn't seem to work when I do it. j/k) When Beau, does get after Tilly or asks her to do something she will smile so sweetly and tell him no...over and over and over again. And then she will look at him and put her head to the side and smile at him. It really is pretty funny to watch. Can't wait until she is a teenager.

The last thing Beau thought of was how she is so EXTREMELY loyal to her family and mainly her brother. Tilly tries to protect Tucker from anything and anyone if she feels like he is being hurt. Tilly loves and looks up to her big brother. They are best friends.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rebecca Tilly Ross...

I love this picture of her. So cute.

Poor little Sissy is still swollen from the delivery. What a little precious thing.

Tilly was conceived when Tucker was 8 months old. What a FUN suprise. Whoever out there thinks that you can't get prego because you are breastfeeding or you haven't welcomed your monthly visitor back yet is SOOOO completely wrong.
I came up with Tilly's name a long time before she existed. Rebecca is the name of my sweet twin that I love so much. And Tilly is the name of a book that I've read a couple of times since I was 13 years old.
When I was pregnant with Tilly it was a totally and completely different experience than when I was pregnant with Tucker. With Tilly I was a WITCH! I am going to have to say that part of that was due to the fact that I was 7 months pregnant when I moved to Iowa and I didn't know anyone. I was always tired and just worn out. Not such fun times with that pregnancy. BUT I was still excited for my little sis.
I started having contractions with Tilly at about 5:30 in the morning and then went in to Dr. Hunter at 10 to get my membranes stripped. I didn't know that I was in labor I thought I was just sick because I couldn't stop throwing up. Oh yes my mom and dad came out to be with me and Beau for the delivery but the day she came my dad had to leave to go back to work. Well, anyways through out the day my contractions were hitting hard. That didn't stop me, my mom and Tucker from going out and shopping. We went to Sam's Club and Super Target...the whole time throwing up along the roadside or parking lot. At Sam's I sat in one of those motorized chairs. Well Beau, came home from school to see that I was in labor and was suprised. He thought that for sure I would have called him. Well, I'm alot tuffer (is that a word) than I appear. hehe.

I don't remember what time we ending up going to the hospital but I do remember that i was exhausted. I didn't have anything in my stomach and I had been up since 5:30. So, everytime I contracted I cried. I just broke down and started crying...I couldn't do it anymore. Finally we situated in the hospital and My fabulous doc finally got his rear there and it was time to push. Well...I pushed and pushed and pushed. Okay that is how it felt to me. It felt like she was stuck. HAHAHA...I was like HELLO COME OUT ALREADY! I told Dr. Hunter that I was done and I couldn't push anymore....uh yeah no sympathy. hehe. Finally my little or ummm..."healthy" princess came out. When they layed her on my chest I remember thinking "uhhh she is ENORMOUS.". Remember that Tucker was just a bag of bones. Not Sissy. She was 8 lbs 2 oz. I like to say that is because of all the corn I ate when I moved here. Tilly had alot of dark hair and was just as precious as could be. I had a hard time really getting into it though after she was born because I was seriously just so exhausted. I could barely keep my eyes open.

What a little princess I had. I was ecstatic the next day. I loved holding her and just staring at her beautiful little face. I loved watching Beau hold her and just stare at her. There is nothing like watching your husband with the new baby. The soft look in their face and the love that you can see in their eyes is something that I will never forget.
My little Tucker was interested in his new little sister for a little bit, but that soon passed until she got older and became his best friend. He was a good big brother to her though. Never really TOO rough..and was always ready to give her a kiss if she was crying.

I never said I looked good after giving birth. Unlike some of you I actually do look like Hell after giving birth. haha. All pale and swollen and tired and the hair...oh please.

Tucker was still so little when I had her. He was definetley curious about her.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Okay so I haven't posted in a while. Can I blame it on the pregnancy? hehe I'M TOO TIRED! Okay no I'm not, I'm just a lazy fat bum. I have already decided that I will begin posting again tomorrow night about Tilly.
I just need to start doing the same thing that I tell Tucker and Tilly to do when they don't want to do something or they are frustrated...say out loud "I think I can, I think I can." it seems to work for them. HAHAHAHA