Sunday, August 9, 2009


During the month of June we celebrated alot. We were able to celebrate Tucker's birthday at the begining of the month and mine in the middle. Then we were able to celebrate Beau's graduation. So many celebrations.
At the end of the month, June 30th to be exact we were abe to celebrate the 1 year birthday of our Ezra. It was a very special day for us that we chose to spend as a family. We all went to the flower store and bought a pot to place at his headstone. Then we went to dinner together and then went home for Cake. Ezra, may be gone from this mortal life but he is still here with us everyday. His birth was a special day. It is the day that we got to meet him. What a beautiful, strong boy he was. Such and exciting moment. Beau and I are so grateful for getting to know our son. We thank the Lord everyday for blessing us with him. If we had it to do all over again we would do it. What a blessing to be able to meet our son and love him and know him. So yes, June 30th is a day of celebration. It is the day we got to meet our son. I won't lie, it was a hard day as well. Hard because he is not here in our arms. Because we can't see him trying to walk or talk or laugh. Hard because those dreams we once had of raising him in our little family here were shattered. BUT we are going to try to remember the wonderful parts on this special day.
I would just like to say Thank you to everyone that was thinking of us or called to say that they remembered his birthday. Thank you so much. It truly means so much to have people remember him and to keep his memory alive. As parents we pray that he will always be remembered just they way we remember him. I know this is not always possible but we honestly love it when he is remembered.