Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Visitors on my Blog...


So a friend of mine had a post like this a while ago. I thought it was awesome and thought about doing it but forgot about it until I started watching on my map how many times my blog was looked at and by whom. So I thought I would write a post about how much I appreciate people leaving comments on my blog even if they are visiting. I don't mind if people stop in to see how my family is doing or even if they are just curious. I do mind if they stop in and don't comment.
I don't know if any of you have noticed but I do have this little map on my sidebar that shows me how many times my blog has been viewed a day and how many times by the same CITY AND STATE...that's right JEFFERSONVILLE, IN I know you are a busy little bee visitng my blog...so who are you? I really don't care that people look at my blog...but for heaven sakes if you have a blog I would like to see it or even if you don't and we know eachother I would like to keep in touch so leave a comment. Even if it is just to say hi.
Oh and just so you all know I am typing this with a smile on my face and love in my heart...meaning I'm not at all raunchin!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Our Family Pictures

So thanks to some lovely ladies we now have an AWESOME family picture. I am going to have to say it is the first one that I have ever felt like showing off.hehehe...sorry I'm just excited to get them. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my pictures. Jen, Jessie they are perfect. I am going to have to say that if any of you are looking for someone to take some fantastic family pictures(In Iowa of course) then you need to talk to me and I will point you in the right direction!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Rebecca Anne...My Twin...

My Beautiful Twin and her little family.

What a precious little picture. Isn't little Nik so cute where he is sticking out his tongue.

And the handsome little man.

I've just been thinking about my twin alot lately and thought I would post some lovely pictures of her. For those of you who don't know her she is an amazing and beautiful woman. She is so strong and yet very gentle. Becca is one of the funniest human beings I have ever known. She is hillarious! She can make anyone laugh. SO yeah anyways this is her and her family. Bec just so you know I sure do love and miss you.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

People need to be aware of this.....

I just want you to all go to this website http://snopes.com/politics/religion/compass.asp and read the entire article. I am so glad I found ot about this because I was totally planning on going to see this movie. Of course I'm not anymore. Anyways, I thought you all needed to know about this movie. He is quoted as saying:
"I don't profess any religion; I don't think it's possible there is a God; I have the greatest difficulty in understanding what is meant by the words 'spiritual' and 'spirituality'." On this website it goes on to say that Pullman (the author of these books) leaves little doubt about his intentions when he said in a 2003 interview that "My books are about killing God." (Conservative British columnist Peter Hitchens labeled Pullman "The most dangerous author in Britain."
I copied all of this from the below website.


Mornings with the Ross'

Seriously this is how most mornings go in our household. The kids are always into Beau's hats. It doesn't matter if they are baseball caps or stocking caps they are into them. I should say it is Tucker who is Tilly just follows and does EVERYTHING her older brother does. They make me laugh at how silly they are. I had to get some pictures of their sweet outfits. We went to the store looking this way this morning. Yep, we did, kids had jammies and bed head. I had no makeup and I know this is going to be gross but true friends don't care, I hadn't brushed my teeth so I was chewing on bubble gum. Seriously it makes me laugh to think of what people were thinkng when they saw me and my kiddos in their jammies w/ messy hair shoved into a cart. What a sight. What can I say we didn't have anything for breakfast. HAHAHA...W. T. is all I have to say! LOVE IT!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Nothin like sisters...

Aimee and Olivia my beautiful sisters. Aimee is the top one and Olivia is below. Both are older. LOVE EM!

These are my sister Aimees' kids. Jimmy is 4 and Livi is 3 (?).

This is Olivia and her beautiful family. Isaac is 4, Hazel is 3, Maddie is umm..I forgot and she is pregnant w/ her 4th. What a WOMAN!

I felt so silly taking my picture in front of this Amish carriage. I was trying to hurry and get pictures before the owners came out of the store. HAHAHA

Isaac found a furry catepillar at Stringtown and it was AMAZING. We had to get a picture. Of course the catepillar freaked Tucker out but what doesn't. haha. I love these kids!

All I can say is that I feel so lucky to have all the sisters I have. They are my best friends. Aimee (the eldest)and Lib (third born) came to visit me for a couple of days. It was a bit tight in my awesome two bedroom townhome w/ 7 kids and 4 adults but TOTALLY worth it. I would do it again if they ever wanted to. So anyways, my sweet sisters have never been to Iowa so of course I took them on a lovely tour of Kalona and Nauvoo. They had never seen an Amish community so they were really excited about that and then Nauvoo...well goodness it was awesome just to show them the temple. So yeah enjoy the pics!
Thank you guys so much for coming to see me. It really meant more than I think you know. I love you guys!
LOTS of Pictures coming up.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


So I know it isn't Halloween yet but I thought this was funny. Sorry if it is offensive to some of you.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Troubles with Bedtime

So I think my little man has come to a realization that we can't force him to go to sleep. He has always (I should say most of the time) gone to bed with out a fuss or anything. Lately that isn't the case. He is the funniest little guy. We put him a Tilly to bed at the same time only Tucker goes to sleep in our bed and Tilly in her crib. We then lock the gate at the top of the stairs and that is that. Well lately Tucker has been staying up until around 11 o'clock. Doing what? Whatever he can think of. One night I went upstairs and he was just sitting in my room w/ about 30 books reading. Another night Beau heard him so he went upstairs and asked Tucker what he was doing. Tuckers' response "I am being busy dad. I'm being busy reading". Well, tonight the little guy just would not go to sleep. SOO once again I go upstairs, only this time Tucker has my workout clothes (which I haven't used in FOREVER) all bundled up and is laying on them on the bathroom floor. I of course took him to my bed and layed him down. He started to cry a bit and told me that he wanted to lay with my clothes on the floor. I kept on trying to explain to him that it was caca and I would bring my clothes in the room for him. He wouldn't have it, but I finally convinced him, or at least I thought I did, to just go to sleep in mommies bed. Well probably an hour later Beau calls me upstairs. The minute I get up the stairs I see my little man asleep on the bathroom floor with my workout clothes THAT ARE CLEAN. I couldn't help but take a few pics. I love love love moments like these. He is so cute and he has the cutest and funniest little personality. Anyways here are some pics.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Just alot of different pictures...

There is my precious girl in her piggy costume. I know I have this picture on here already but I just love it so I put it on again.
I went to Oxford today to get my pictures ordered (which I am way way excited about) and I passed by this house on the way. I started thinking that when it is actually time to leave Iowa I am going to be sad that I am not going to be able to just drive and see such beautiful white homes against the green rolling hills or the colorful trees in the fall. I mean I am sure where I live will be pretty but not the same.
And then my two kiddi-o's. They always sit like this. Right next to eachother giggling like there is some secret that nobody else knows. They are such great friends I love it.
Well, I am going to get off the computer now because there is a stench that has just reached my nostrils and is calling for my immediate attn. TILLITH WHERE ARE YOU? haha

So just a bunch of different pictures here. Some are of Tucker at Soccer lastnight. He had two shirts on but then got cold, I am wondering if it was because he stood on the field LITERALLY pretending that he was asleep? I don't know. Anyways, he got cold and Tilly wouldn't wear hher coat so I put it on him. Beau, didn't like that too much but ya know when you are cold I don't think you give a rats about fashion.

Sissy of course was at the game sharing her goldfish crackers. Which some of the kids wouldn't stop eating ...meaning that they wouldn't play soccer. Too funny!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Superman and the Piglet

I have to say I think I have two of the cutest little kidsaround. Beau put these costumes on them..per their request and they wore them all day and night. It was fun. We went into Hyvee with them on and the mall. They had a blast! Tilly's costume is really for 3-6 months I think. Fun Stuff.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Okay so finally proof that I am a good friend of Mitt's. I went to support him at one of his speeches. Yes I realize I look like a total moron in the picture with him but what can I say he was just as excited to get his picture taken with me. HAHAHAHA. Poor Beau didn't get to take a picture with him...he had something...I think it was school.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday Night Entertainment

So here we are at dinner and all of the suddern Tucker is laughing and telling us he can't breath through his nose. I can't see anything until I look a little closer and my sweet little angel has taken pieces of his grilled cheese sandwich an shoved them up his nose. I couldn't stop laughing. Well, then Beau let him know that we shouldn't do that and so Tucker tried to pick them out. BAD IDEA! He shoved them so far up there I was afraid we wouldn't get them out. THen Beau had the genius idea of holding one nostril closed and then making him shoot it out of the other one. Totally worked. It was the funniest thing. He is always doing such crazy little things that make me laugh.

This is the end product of Tuckers grilled cheese nose plugs!

After Dinner we had a great night of watching the "Beau"Sox. The kids love to cuddle with their daddy. I'm going to have to say that in the evening he is te favorite!

There really isn't anything like speding some good quality time with the family. Even if it is just eating grilled cheese and watching the Beau Sox together. It makes for great times and memories. Man I love my family!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Joe and Sam

Okay so Joe is the one on the right and Sam is the one on the Left. Good guys, best of luck to them both!

Okay so a lame post but still something to post I guess. So we had two guys come from Utah to interview for Dental School. I was dreading it but it really was kind of fun. Joe kept Tucker and Tilly entertained and i got Sam hooked up on a blind date w/ my best friends cousin. WOO HOO I got alot accomplished. hahaha. Anyways good times!