Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Nauvoo Trip


This is when we went to Nauvoo with my parents. Tilly was of course sleeping in the car. Tucker on the other hand couldn't wait to play w/ all of the little pioneer stuff. I thought it would be cute to dress him up like a little pioneer girl...and I was right. hahaha.
We took a little stroll on the oxen wagon and wow...all the excitement I think that was one of the exhilerating rides I had ever been on. No it was fun for the kids though.
Tucker loves every moment of alone time that he gets with his daddy. He loves to tackle him. Tucker has this little saying for beau, he likes to yell it out to him when he is walking into the school. This is what he says " Princess Wo-Cibus (he is trying to say Beaucifus) where are your pink panties" It's pretty hillarious!


Ross' said...

So i bet you taught him the pink panties comment.

Brellie said...

Just one picture with beau?

Brellie said...

Who's that crazy pioneer lady?