Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Softball in IOWA

So this is beau's softball game in good ol iowa. His games are always fun for the kids to go to. We love to cheer him on. Tilly usually stands by the fence in her daisy dukes doing her cheers for her special man. Tucker is screamin for beau to run and hit the ball hard. And i am usually talking about the daily hot topics w/ the ladies. We all take our blankets and chairs and have a good ol time. The little boy in orange is Tommy he is the son of Candice and Hyrum...some of our friends. And guess what.....THEY WON their game. So we had a little picture taken of the guys just so we could always remember this win. ALRIGHT TEAM!

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Aimee said...

OH...and it's a good thing Beau won! They are FILTHY! Hate to see all that effort go to waste! :)