Monday, January 3, 2011

So We Begin again...

Well, let's hope that I can keep this up. I really want to. Even if it is just to jot down a few thoughts i had for the day and what not. Let's start with Christmas 2010. What a magical and wonderful Christmas it was for our family. Beau and I took the kids to DISNEYLAND for Christmas and it was truly a magical moment. Tilly got to meet each of the princesses and dance with them. I honestly got a little teary eyed watching her dance with the princesses. I know I'm such a sissy. Tucker was tall enough to go on big rides with his dad. I know that may not seem like a big deal to some people but to Tucker it was HUUUUGE! JJ actually got to go on some of the rides with me and Tilly. He liked some and didn't really care about others. I was also excited because Beau had never been. I have been once a very very loong time ago. So for everyone it was memorable. I also got to experience what it was like to be chewed out several times in Chinese. Yep I must have done something wrong because I got it a few times from some Asian folk. I just smiled. hahaha what else am I gonna do....flip em the bird? NO!!!! It's Disneyland for heavens sakes!
I do want to list what everyones favorite rides or parts were about Disneyland. Tucker: The HUGE roller coaster in Disneyland Adventures, Tower of Terror and Splash Mountain. Tilly: Dancing with the princesses, meeting all of the characters. She HATED Tower of Terror hence the picture below Beau: Pretty much everything...but he really liked It's a Small World and the Roller Coaster JJ: eating...and eating. I will say he did not care for Mickey getting in his personal space while he was eating. Me: Seeing everybody's excitement...and the woman that called me a B****. hahaha No worries I told her how foul she was. I do need to say...I DID NOTHING WRONG! Her husband slammed Tilly into a metal door because he was in a hurry to get on a KIDS ride. Uh huh....WATCH OUT FOR MOMMA BEAR!
THEN we had New Years Eve. Since we had done so much traveling we decided to relax at home with the kids for New Years. We ended up renting Super Mario Bros.. SO MUCH FUN! It did end up getting a little competitive. So we would stop and take snack breaks to cool down. Truly addicting.
Our lives have been so busy lately with the kids in school and JJ and the foster care situation. It's been crazy! And I am very thankful for my crazy life. I would rather the craziness over being alone or without each and every one of them.
Beau, is doing really well with his job. Really liking it...but of course there are days where he has had enough. LIke most jobs. We feel so blessed. Our Heavenly Father has blessed us in so many ways. I feel so lucky...and sometimes so undeserving. Siiiiiigh.
Okay well I know ONCE AGAIN that I jumped from topic to topic ...but that is how my brain works. Until next week.....
Oh also I am just posting a bunch of pics from Disneyland that I took with the phone. The others will have to come later.

p.s. I can only post pictures that I took with my phone because we took a lot of pictures with the kids disposable camera. HAHAHA

Tarzan's Tree House

Obviously this is right after the Tower of Terror. Poor thing cried for a bit.

Mickey is totally in JJ's personal space. He is getting the classic JJ stare down. HAHAHAHA

So MaGiCaL

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