Saturday, December 15, 2007

I'm Proud of our Men and Women in the Armed Forces!

So my sister sent this song to me to listen to....WOW talk about a TEAR JERKER! Seriously I was crying! Beau sat and listened to it and i swear I saw some tears welling up in those big beautiful eyes. It just broke my heart to hear this song. I mean I know it is just a song BUT you know somewhere there is a boy or a girl that is just praying for the safe return of his/her mom or dad. Especially at Christmas time. I know that while I was listening to it I remembered how I felt when we had to say goodbye to my dad when he left for Iraq. I was DEVASTATED! I wrote in a journal almost everyday that he was gone begging Heavenly Father to bring him back to us. I remember that I promised over and over that I would NEVER EVER sin again and I would be so perfect if he could just come back. Well, I guess I am perfect because he came back. but seriously it was a hard time and my heart just breaks for those families that are not together right now.
How lucky are we though to have such brave men and women out there putting their lives on the line for US, the American People. I get so mad when people are negative about our men and women over there. They are over there for each and every one of us. They are there because they believe in our Nation and in Freedom. My little brother may go over one day and I sure as heck am proud of him. And I just wanted him to know that.
WHEW! Okay so sorry I went off there but when I listened to that song it just brought up a TON of emotions and stuff. Well you all need to listen to the song so click on the link and listen!



Here is the link to click on and listen to this song. Seriously you need a tissue!


Shana said...

Ewww, I really want to hear this song but for some reason it says it's invalid. Any suggestions?

Street Fam said...

I need a tissue! My brother was deployed for 6 months. He just got back in October. My little niece always complained of a tummy ache. When anyone asked her why she didn't feel well, she'd say, "I miss my daddy." Sooo sad! My brother is my hero! Thanks for posting the link to the song.


LCFrohm said...

Thanks for this post.
Rob is deploying to Iraq in January for 4 months.
Pretty much anything makes me cry these days.
It's good to hear that other, non-military people really do respect what we're doing over there.
Thanks again,

Cox Famn Damily said...

Sar...sorry to make you cry. I cried lots too. Jimmy keeps singing the song and making me cry again. Funny how he can remember songs so fast. But it's a good post on your blog. Love it.

Shamo said...

yes yes reminds me of when dad was activated and waiting deployment at Fort Carsen and they let him come home to spend christmas with us...what a surprise it heart goes out to all the troops and their'll be us again all too soon.

Jen said...

I couldn't listen. You need to come do it for me. I am handicap. I will miss you guys when you are gone!

Anonymous said...

okay s...i don't know if i just have some deep seated emotional issues from dad going to the war that i can't overcome or if it's the pregnancy or what...but i cry anytime i see troops coming home or leaving...and this song!!!! mei mei wants to hear it on the radio all the time too...i love it...but it's almost too hard to hear...people need to reach out more to the soldier's know...O