Friday, July 6, 2007

4th of July

Happy 4th of July everyone. We had such a good time. Our day started out by going to the parade. I swear you get more candy there then you do Trickor Treating. Beau and I really enjoy taking the kids. they have fun for about the first 20 min. It was SOO stinkin hot and sticky. By the end of the parade when they would throw the candy nobody would move because they were too tired and hot. It was actually pretty funny to watch.
They had alot of neat old cars and Candy and clowns and MORE CANDY! Over all another great experience for the fam.
After the parade we went home and Beau and the kids took a nap. Then got up and went to a BBQ at some of our friends house. It was just really alot of fun. Nothing like a good ol BBQ on the 4th.
The fireworks show was awesome as usual. We went with our very good friends Kyle, Angela, Lorene and the good ol Doc. We all enjoyed the show. Although if you asked Beau he wouldn't be able to tell you. He had to go hide behind a wall during the whole thing. Tilly and Tucker were freaked out the entire time. Tucker at least just sat on my lap and covered up with a blanket. Tilly was screaming bloody murder. Poor Beau....and the kids.

Why in the HELL there are protesters inthe 4TH OF JULY parade I don't know. I HATE that. HATE IT! So there we are with Kyle and Angela getting ready for the fireworks. They are such good friends to us.

Tucker is hiding his face in this group picture because one of the dads was trying to get his kids to smile but it was scaring Tucker. My poor little guy. He gets scared easily.

Yep Iowa Hawkeyes BABY!
Sissy during the parade. I swear she opened about thirty different pieces of candy, took a lick and then opened another. What a little princess. Oh, I forgot to tell everyone. It was so cute....when the clowns came around in their cars my kids FREAKED! Tucker was shaking he was so afraid. He covered his eyes....Tilly hid her face in Beau's armpit and was crying. SERIOUSLY what is wrong w/ my children. poor things.

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