Thursday, July 5, 2007

Moving Day/NIGHT

So it was moving Day for Don and Lara so Beau
and his dad helped them out quite a bit. I have
never seen so many little knick knacks. It was
fine though. Tilly and Tucker kept themselves
entertained with the awesome blue helmet that
was laying around. All i have to say is Beau and
the big red helmet. Some of you know what that
means. They take after their father!

Yep, that's it isn't a super star! haha
Ron (father in law) Beau and Don. what a team

They love their poppa. It's cute they call their grandpas
poppa. Beau's dad has white hair so he is the white poppa
My dad has dark hair so he is the black poppa. I know that
sounds bad but it is because of the hair coloring. Tucker
came up with it.

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Brellie said...

wow! Sarah you look hot. Tilly of course looks adorable in the nice blue helmet!